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shoutout to those three followers who like and reblog literally everything you post

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texting someone new is always weird.

like how do they feel about all lowercase letters? do they think it looks dumb? do i have to use super proper grammar and punctuation? will they know im being sarcastic when i start abbreviating words? are they a haha or lol person? are they a strict no acronyms kind of person? how do they feel about pet names? what’s their stance on emojis? 

it’s terrifying 

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list of idols tht r gonna get their asses beat one day


- daehyun from bap
- baekhyun from exo
- jackson from got7
- zico from block b
- doojoon from b2st
- rapmon from bts
- mir from mblaq

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list of inspirational quotes by oh sehun:


"what is with this hyung"

"what is this"

"this hyung is so ugly"

"hyung do you know chocolate rice"

"this hyung is daebak"



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there wasn’t even a girl zico went on a moonlit car ride with a fucking ostrich we should have expected this from block b

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occupation: the family disappointment